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scarlOt's roses 
A mutual aid fund by & for CA sex workers 

Applications are now closed. Stay tuned for the next cycle!

Through Scarlot's Roses, DecrimSexWorkCA raises and redistributes funds to support the immediate needs of our community with a focus on street based and BIPOC and TGNC sex workers.

Write "DecrimSWCA: Scarlot's Roses" on the memo line and 100% of the money we receive from your donation will go directly to sex workers in need. 


Sex workers can apply to one of the following tiers: 

  • A Little Sugar: $50.00-$100.00

  • Just the Tip: $100.00-$250.00

  • Bouquet of Roses: $250.00-$500.00

  • La Vida de Una Puta Es Bella: In honor of our sister Lisseth Sanchez, a DecrimSWCA member who recently passed away, there are four grants in the amount of $500.00 that are available specifically to Trans Latina sex workers. To read more about Lisseth, click here. 


  • Deadline to apply May 10, 2024

  • You must verify that you are a current or former sex worker living in California. 

  • Funding is limited, so please be aware that not every request can be fulfilled. 

  • Applicants will be notified by May 26th


  • If you have security concerns, you can download an application and email to our protonmail account at Add your name and zip in the subject line. 


About scarlot's roses: 

Carol Leigh, also known as The Scarlot Harlot, was an American artist, author, filmmaker, sex worker, and sex workers' rights activist. She is credited with coining the term Sex Work. They founded the Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival and was the co-founder of the Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network (BAYSWAN).

Carol Leigh was a core member of DecrimSexWorkCA. They served in an advisory role to the steering committee, were an active member of the policy advocacy team, and served on the Conflict Resolution Committee. In honor of Carol Leigh’s leadership on the coalition, their support to our team, and the seeds of change they planted, DecrimSexWorkCA named our mutual aid fund Scarlot’s Roses.

Carol Leigh, también conocida como The Scarlot Harlot (La Ramera Escarlata), era una artista, autora, cineasta, trabajadora sexual y activista de los derechos de los trabajadores sexuales estadounidense. Se le atribuye haber inventido el término trabajo sexual. Fundó el Festival de Cine y Arte de los Trabajadores Sexuales y cofundó la Red de Defensa de los Trabajadores Sexuales del Área de la Bahía (BAYSWAN, por sus siglas en inglés).


Carol Leigh fue miembro central de la Coalición DecrimSexWorkCA. Ocupó un papel consultivo en el comité directivo, fue miembro activo del Equipo de Defensa Política y fue parte del Comité de Resolución de Conflictos. Para rendir honor al liderazgo de Carol Leigh en la coalición, su apoyo a nuestro equipo y la semillas de cambio y la visión que plantó le dimos el nombre de Scarlot’s Roses (Las rosas de Scarlot) a nuestro fondo de asistencia mutua.

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