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DecrimSexWorkCA is a coalition of current and former sex workers, organizers, and allies who use political education, advocacy, and community outreach to advance the human rights, health, safety, and wellbeing of people in the sex trade.


The DecrimSexWorkCA coalition uses an anti-criminalization framework to work toward the liberation and human rights of sex workers, focusing uplifting the leaderships of those most impacted by criminalization, specifically Black, Brown, trans and gender expansive folks in the sex trade and street-based workers. We believe that decriminalizing sex work is a key step in moving towards a more equitable and just society and is inextricably connected to other movements for racial and gender justice.

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Our Story

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the historic social and political uprisings confronting the US’s long legacy of racial injustice and state violence against Black people and other communities of color, DecrimSexWorkCA formed as a coalition of organizations and individuals promoting the health, safety, dignity, and self-determination of all sex workers and people profiled as sex workers in California.

As a coalition, we are working to build power in a sustainable and inclusive movement that centers the leadership and experiences of Black, Indigenous and other sex workers of color, particularly Black trans women, and street-based sex workers.


Our strategies in striving towards our collective liberation and bodily autonomy as sex workers and allies include, narrative shift and culture change work, leadership development, political education, community resource mobilization and mutual-aid, and state and local policy advocacy and organizing campaigns to decriminalize sex work and reduce direct and indirect criminalization of sex workers throughout the state.

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