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At DecrimSexWorkCA, we advance our mission and vision through the work of four movement teams. Each movement team is sex worker-led and meets on a regular basis working independently and collaboratively to address issues affecting our community and coalition. We are always looking for new ideas, partners, and accomplices. Contact us to find out how to get involved!

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Policy Advocacy


Political Education & Mobilization


Mutual Aid & Fundraising


Arts, Media & Communication

media & press

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Housing as Healthcare


Decrim Sex Work California Coalition’s housing as healthcare pilot program for unhoused and housing insecure current and former sex workers asked CA State Senate Budget Leaders for: 


$147 million in one-time General Fund money for a pilot program to support five to ten
housing programs for unhoused and housing insecure current and former sex workers that
includes connections to culturally competent services for these populations. The money would be
dispersed to organizations that provide housing programs to reduce and prevent
homelessness among current and former sex workers. Funds would be targeted to help all
sex workers especially those who are at higher risk of violence and have less access to


$9 million for the Department of Healthcare Services to administer and evaluate the




People who trade sex in a broad array of contexts face stigma and discrimination. This results in
their marginalization and lack of access to basic human needs. They deserve to be healthy and
safe, and housing is an essential element to ensuring this becomes a reality. While housing and
houselessness is an issue across California, current and former sex workers are especially
impacted populations with less access to housing resources due to discriminatory and punitive
policies and practices. Housing is crucial for connecting people to needed physical and mental
healthcare and other services, is a violence prevention measure, and is the biggest unmet need for
many people in the sex trades. Sex workers also frequently face discrimination when trying to
access other services, like healthcare, professional development, banking, and legal services.
When these barriers compound with housing insecurity, it can be especially difficult for people
to maintain connections to vital services. People who trade sex need more culturally competent
service providers and safe, secure housing.

Which organizations would be eligible to receive the funds? 

Organizations eligible to receive funds through this program must be community-based
organizations that have sex workers in leadership and/or a values statement or mission that
affirms the rights of people engaged in sex work and/or other organizations who have a
demonstrated commitment to:

● serving transgender and gender non-conforming sex workers and sex workers of color;
● work with unhoused and/or system-involved and impacted transitional aged youth;
● people who are unhoused or facing housing insecurity;
● immigrant and/or undocumented sex workers;
● provide harm reduction services to people who use substances;

● provide inclusive and affirming community-based services to transgender, gender non-
conforming, intersex, LGBQ people, and people living with HIV/AIDS; and who provide

community-centered sexual and reproductive health care to communities of color,
including HIV/AIDS prevention and outreach.

How do I sign the letter of support? 

If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact Becca Cramer-Mowder with ACLU California Action at or (916) 824-3256

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Who else is supporting our budget ask?


ACCESS Reproductive Justice
ACLU California Action
Advocating Opportunity
All Family Legal
Anti Police-Terror Project
API Equality-LA
Bay Area Sex Worker Advocacy Network (BAYSWAN)
Best Practices Policy Project
Break The Binary LLC
California Latinas for Reproductive Justice
California Nurse-Midwives Association
California Women's Law Center
Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research (CLEAR)
Coalition on Homelessness
Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking
Decriminalize Sex Work
Decriminalize Sex Work California Coalition
Drug Policy Alliance
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
End the Epidemics
Equality California
Free Speech Coalition
Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction
Initiate Justice
Legal Aid at Work
Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition
Los Angeles LGBT Center
Mental Health First
Positive Women's Network-USA
Reframe Health and Justice
Sex Workers Outreach Project Los Angeles
Sex Workers Outreach Project Sacramento

Strippers United
SWOP Behind Bars
The Gubbio Project
The Sunita Jain Anti-Trafficking Policy Initiative
The Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center
The Transgender District
The TransLatin@ Coalition
URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity
Woodhull Freedom Foundation


Assembly member Kalra
Senator Wiener


Policy Advocacy

The Policy Advocacy movement team develops strategies for local and statewide policy advocacy, leads the engagement of elected officials and key legislative stakeholders, and tracks, researches and analyzes policy developments related to our mission to decriminalize sex work in CA.

Mutual Aid & Fundraising

The Mutual Aid & Fundraising movement team works to create a strong and sustainable coalition through capacity building and raising and redistributing funds to support the immediate needs of sex workers in CA with a focus on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-Identifying Sex Workers in CA who are in need of relief from COVID-19 Crisis. 

Arts, Media & Communications

The Arts, Media and Communications movement team works to advance the coalition’s mission and values, by increasing visibility of sex worker rights organizing, growing our membership base, providing reliable education about decriminalization and issues affecting sex workers in CA, and promoting the work of and resources from our allied organizations and members.

Political Education & Mobilization

The Political Education and Mobilization teams strengthens CA sex workers’ people power using community-driven, trauma-informed and transformative approaches in order to build & mobilize a large CA base of diverse stakeholders. Our priority is to amplify & strengthen the voices, experience & organizing skills of the most impacted communities, especially street-based sex workers, BIPOC sex workers, Black Trans women and non-binary folks. 

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